Rep. Parkhurst Statement on Graduated Income Tax Vote

Today the House voted 73-44 to place an amendment to the Illinois Constitution to allow for a graduated income tax structure on the ballot in the General Election in November, 2020. Below is a statement from State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee):

“Illinois already suffers from the highest tax burden in the nation, including the District of Columbia. Our property tax burden is the second highest in the nation, only behind New Jersey. With the passage of the graduated tax, we are taking another step in moving away from the taxpayer protections provided in the constitution with the flat tax.

The General Assembly sent a message loud and clear today that Illinois is not willing to reform our government and spending, but is willing to raise our taxes. It is not willing to pursue job-creating policies, but is willing to raise our taxes. If we learned anything today, we learned that the majority party is simply not interested in working to fix the structural deficiencies of our state government and would instead prefer to just raise taxes again on middle-class families.”