Mason’s Law Passes House Unanimously

On Wednesday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Mason’s Law. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) filed House Bill 2383 at the request of the surviving family of Mason Knorr. The bill increases penalties for drivers who fail to yield-the-right of way and cause serious injuries.

“Mason’s Law will close a loophole in our driving laws which allows negligent drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way and cause serious injuries to receive only a fine,” Rep. Parkhurst stated. “The surviving family and residents of the area expressed to me their frustration when friends and family are nearly killed and the perpetrator is penalized with a small fine.”

HB 2383 adds a provision to the Illinois Vehicle Code providing forcing a 12-month suspension of the driver’s license if a driver is convicted of failing to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at crosswalks, school zones, and other drivers.

“We must make sure people who cause serious injury on the road are not given a slap on the wrist,” Parkhurst concluded.

HB 2383 passed the House on a 109-0 vote. It will be sent to the Senate for consideration.