Rep. Parkhurst Releases Statement on House Rules

Today the House voted 73-42 to approve the House Rules set forth by Speaker Madigan. Below is a statement from State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee):

“I am disappointed my colleagues voted to reelect Rep. Madigan as Speaker for an 18th term. Madigan’s House Rules continuously consolidate his power and allow ultimate control of the House of Representatives.  This power denies the people the representative government they are entitled to in this state. In 2018, a Federal lawsuit proceeded alleging the Speaker violated the 14th Amendment rights of his own constituency. It is clear Speaker Madigan should not be Speaker. It is obvious his rules do not work for the Illinois House of Representatives or Illinois. The House Republican proposed amendments to the House Rules to enhance our legislative process by providing transparency and reasserting representative democracy.  Illinois deserves a true representative government. The House Majority voted for Speaker Madigan’s rules reaffirming business as usual with all the power to the Speaker.”