Rep. Parkhurst Supported Bill to Eliminate Lawmaker COLA Signed Into Law

Springfield, IL – Today, legislation co-sponsored by State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) to eliminate Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for members of the General Assembly was signed into law. In addition, House Bill 643 reduces per diem and travel reimbursements to 2013 levels for FY18.

A law passed during the 86th General Assembly mandated yearly COLA’s as part of compensation for lawmakers, judges, and constitutional officers. The COLA takes effect automatically unless legislation, like HB 643, is passed. Similar legislation passed in previous years to eliminate the automatic COLA and reduce per diem and travel reimbursements. The most recent laws were enacted in the fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

“The General Assembly acted wisely to eliminate the automatic COLA. Our state may have a budget, but the financial crisis has not ended. Legislators do not need a pay increase and certainly haven’t earned one after passing a 32% tax increase on to the people of Illinois,” Rep. Parkhurst said about the law. “I co-sponsored this bill because I believe as long as Illinois has a budget deficit with billions in unpaid bills, legislators do not need to add to the problem.”