Rep. Parkhurst Statement on House Democrat Tax Increase and Budget Votes

Springfield, IL – On Sunday, the Illinois State House of Representatives voted on a House Democrat revenue and spending bills for the state budget. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) commented on her votes:

“House Democrats today asked us to impose a permanent income tax increase while giving nothing to our already overburdened taxpayers in return. Both these bills were filed today in an act of bad faith and in a process lacking fairness and transparency. We voted for these two bills without a clear understanding of what they do or how they will be implemented. The passage of these bills with a veto proof majority removed any incentive for Speaker Madigan to call any reform bills or to continue to negotiate on the issues that brought this state and Illinois families to their financial brink. I could not vote for a bill that further burdens the taxpayers of the 79th District when they get no relief and no reforms. I could not tell my constituents to give the state more money when there is nothing to guarantee their money will be used effectively, efficiently, and properly. It is a continuation of tax and spend practices driving jobs and people out of this state. Very few people believe this state is on the right track and we have not done anything today to change those minds. We are still waiting for the reforms promised with the 2011 tax hike. We’re in the exact same place.”

Rep. Parkhurst urges lawmakers to come back to the table and remains committed to putting Illinois back on the right track.