Rep. Parkhurst GLBR Resolution Passes House Unanimously

Springfield, IL –  On Thursday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a resolution opposing the construction of the Great Lakes Basin Railway project. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) filed House Resolution 437 in May in direct response to the GLB Railway’s application to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. The resolution outlines the opposition to the project; the potential abuse of eminent domain to take private land for private gain to construct a privately owned railway; the catastrophic effects to agriculture revenue in Grundy and Kankakee Counties; and the environmental endangerment the project poses to wildlife, habitats, and communities dependent on the land.

Rep. Parkhurst secured sponsors for her resolution from every member in the proposed path of the railway in Illinois indicating strong and bipartisan opposition to the project.

The House unanimously agreed in an 103-0 vote. Rep. Parkhurst plans to send an official copy of the resolution to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board to emphasize Illinois opposition as the Board considers the project.  

On Wednesday, Rep. Parkhurst testified before committee on the resolution. Speaking before the House Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee, Rep. Parkhurst argued for House Resolution 437. You can watch part of the testimony below: