House Passes Resolution Encouraging State and Local Governments to Buy American

Springfield, IL – State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst filed House Resolution 372 on the initiative of Nucor Steel to urge Illinois to buy American steel. On Sunday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed her resolution expressing Illinois should buy American iron and American steel to support American manufacturing and steel industries by spending state and local taxpayer funds to buy American steel and iron for state and local projects to keep Americans employed. 

House Resolution 372 supports steel and iron manufacturers in the 79th district and around the nation and urges Illinois to protect the American steel industry against predatory practices, such as dumping and overproduction, by foreign steel and iron industries that put American businesses, jobs, and our economy at risk.

“State and local governments should buy American steel. It will support the expansion of American manufacturing, support growth of the American steel industry, maximize job creation, and stimulate economic growth,” Rep. Parkhurst said on the House floor.