State Rep. Parkhurst’s Constituent Open House

Recently inaugurated State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst will host a district office open house to acquaint constituents with her new office. Rep Parkhurst’s district office is located at 370 E. Court Street in Kankakee. The open house is Thursday, May 4th at 6pm. Food and refreshments served.

“It’s important members of the community know my office is open and accessible,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “While most of my job is spent in Springfield, constituents need to know where my office is and what kind of in district services we can offer.”

District office staff members can assist in addressing state related questions or concerns, particularly regarding interactions with state agencies like the Department of Aging.

“I lived in this community my whole life, but I am new to the role of State Representative. This is a chance for people to get to know me as their go-to state contact. I want to make sure constituents can talk to me or my office and know they have been heard,” Rep. Parkhurst continued.