Parkhurst Bill to Prohibit Lawmaker Pay Raise Passes House

Springfield, IL… Putting her money where her mouth is, State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) sponsored and passed legislation to curb government costs. House Bill 643 prohibits the automatic cost of living adjustment for State Representatives, and other executive government personnel, which is scheduled for the 2018 fiscal year beginning on July 1st of this year. The bill further reduces the reimbursement for per diem and mileage to the rate that has been established in FY 2012.
“I came to Springfield committed to fiscal responsibility,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “We have not had a budget in two years, now is the worst time for legislators to give themselves a nearly $1500 dollar raise.”
State Representatives earn $67,836 per year and earn a $111 per diem while in Springfield for session. In addition, lawmakers can earn thousands more by serving in various leadership and committee roles. State Representatives have not received a paycheck since last summer when former Comptroller Munger instituted a “No Budget, No Pay” policy that placed lawmaker paychecks at the end of the State’s billion dollar bill backlog.
“If we are asking colleges, social service providers, and others to tighten their belts in these tough budgetary times, it is only right we do the same,” Rep. Parkhurst continued.   
The House has passed similar bills in years past and this year HB 643 legislation passed overwhelmingly on a 98-3-1 vote.