House Passes Resolutions Honoring Kankakee Public Servants

In January, the Illinois House of Representatives passed two resolutions to honor long serving members of the Kankakee community. 

House Resolution 33 congratulates Sheriff Timothy Bukowski’s on his retirement after 39 years of service to the Kankakee police department. Sheriff Bukowksi is a US army veteran who was appointed Sheriff in 1996.

House Resolution 36 congratulates Kankakee Fire Chief Ron Young, a position he has held since 2004, on his retirement. Chief Young served as a firefighter for over 30 years. 

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst, who sponsored HR 33 and 36, presented a copy of the resolution to Sheriff Bukowski at a Kankakee County Board meeting week. 

“It was an honor to recognize the achievements of Sheriff Bukowski and to present him with the good wishes and congratulations of the entire Illinois House of Representatives,” Rep. Parkhurst said.