Parkhurst Files Legislation to Close “Cloonen Loophole”

Springfield, IL… With her first piece of legislation, State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) is following through on her campaign promise to promote good government and improve ethics. Rep. Parkhurst filed House Bill 435 to close a loophole that currently allows State Representatives and other state employees to operate businesses that own contracts with the State.

“As State Representatives, our votes decide where to allocate billions and billions of State funds,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “The law needs to be strengthened to avoid any notion of impropriety or conflicts of interest.”

Under the current law, it is illegal for State employees and appointed officials who make more than 60% of the Governor’s salary to have a contract or financial interest in any contract that is either in whole or in part paid through funds appropriated by the General Assembly or the Capital Development Board. A State Representative making $67,836 a year is exempt from this law as it is less than 60% of the Governor’s current salary of $177,412.

 “Throughout my campaign I pledged to get rid of the ‘Cloonen loophole’ and I’m making good on that promise,” Rep. Parkhurst continued. “Politicians are public servants and they shouldn’t be able to profit from it.”

HB 435 has been introduced and awaits committee assignment for further consideration.